1. What is the PLEMO disposable face mask made of?
The exterior and inner layers are made of non-woven fabric, and the middle filtration layer is made of melt-blown fabric. Our face masks are fiberglass-free and skin-friendly.
2. Is the PLEMO disposable face mask suitable for surgical use?
No, this product is not intended for surgical use.
3. Is the PLEMO disposable face mask sterile?
No, it is non-sterile.
4. Are there size options?
175 mm × 95 mm  Adult
5. When do I need to wear the PLEMO disposable face mask?
It is recommended to wear a disposable mask when:
  • You have symptoms of a fever or a respiratory infection.
  • You are looking after patients with symptoms of a respiratory infection.
  • You are in contact with or are within one meter of a person that has symptoms of a respiratory infection.
  • You are visiting a healthcare environment, e.g. hospitals and clinics.
  • You are visiting crowded and/or poorly ventilated areas.
6. How do I don the PLEMO disposable face mask properly?
    • Wash hands before donning a mask.
    • The folds should face downward on the outside, with the metallic strip on top.
    • Fix the loops of the disposablemask around the ears.
    • The disposablemask should fully cover the nose, mouth, and chin.
    • The metallic strip on the disposablemask should be molded securely to the bridge of the nose, and the mask should fit on both sides of the face beneath the eyes to prevent leakage.
    • Once positioned, do not fiddle with your mask as you could transfer contamination from your hands to your face.
    • Wash hands before and after touching your mask.
    7. Can the PLEMO disposable face mask be reused?
    The PLEMO mask is designed for a single use.
    8. When can I expect my PLEMO order to arrive?
    • Orders usually ship within 1 business day.
    • Delivery Time: 3-5 business days (North America); 7-10 business days (Europe and other regions).
    9. Where do you ship to?
    PLEMO provides worldwide free shipping.