The Reusable Breathing Mask

We are all walking around outside of our houses wearing a mask. And I know that the uncomfortable breathing is a problem for most wearers of the face mask. It is never easy breathing when you have something covering your nose. However, in this post, we will discuss some reusable breathing mask.

What are the types of reusable breathing masks?

If you are thinking of buying a face mask for yourself and your loved ones, you should be familiar with the following types of masks:

  • Disposable surgical mask - This is the most commonly used by the public. It is worn to protect the infection of coronavirus and any types of airborne pollen. Since it is disposable, it can only be used for 4 hours and needs to be replaced afterward.
  • KF94 - This is one of the reusable face masks which can be used for as long as 48 hours. It can filter particles with a diameter of 0.4 and can filter as much as 94% of the airborne particles.
  • N95 - N95 has a 95% filtration capacity. This is more efficient than KF94 and it can also be used for 72 hours. It can filter particle measuring 0.3 in diameter.
  • N99 - if you are constantly in contact with a coronavirus positive patient, N99 is perfect for you. It can be used for 15 days and it can filter particles as small as -0.02 to 0.5 in diameter. This makes it almost impossible for any forms of viruses to penetrate your system.

Which face mask should you use?

Now that you know the different face masks and their capacity to filter particles, do you now know which one should you use? Take note that the type of face mask that you should use should be reflective of your lifestyle. If you are in constant exposure to hazardous chemicals, viruses, and most especially coronavirus positive patients, it is ideal that you know what mask to use.

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