Where to Buy Medical Disposable Face Masks

With the outbreak of coronavirus nowadays, it is a necessity that people, especially those who are sick, wear masks whenever they go out. As known to most people, coronavirus is transferred from person to person through droplets from an infected person. Wearing the right protective mask can prevent the spread of the disease.

However, with the sudden influx in the need of medical disposable masks, it has been difficult to buy them. All grocery stores and pharmaceuticals have run out of stocks. It is scarce or almost impossible to buy them nowadays. Some are taking advantage of the pandemic situation and are selling medical face masks double or even triple its original price! However, there are still some who offer affordable medical face masks in stores nowadays.

What Are the 2 Main Types of Face Masks?

A medical face mask is a protective gear worn by nurses, doctors, and other medical workers. There are 2 common types of face masks:

  1. surgical face mask - A surgical mask is a more common type which is worn by the wearer and fits loosely on the face. This is used by someone who is sick and is showing covid-19 symptoms such as cough and fever. A surgical face mask is used to protect and avoid the spread of droplets when the person coughs and sneezes.
  1. N95 respirators - An N95 respirator is worn more tightly around the face. This type of face mask is worn to avoid the wearer from inhaling any particle that could be contaminated with coronavirus. Unlike surgical face mask, N95 respirator is not recommended to be worn by the general public since this is only worn by medical front-liners such as doctors, scientists, and nurses.

Who Should Wear Face Masks?

Contrary to what most people believe, wearing a face mask will not save you from the coronavirus. The people who should be wearing the face mask are, but not limited to the following:

  • Sick people, especially those who show signs and symptoms of covid 19 which includes coughing, high fever, and constant sneezing;
  • Front line medical workers which include doctors, nurses, and medical experts; and
  • People in contact or carers of infected individuals.

Where Can Buy Medical Face Mask at Low Price?

With the influx of sudden need for face masks, there is a shortage of supplies. Pharmaceuticals no longer have stocks and grocery stores have empty shelves for any type of face mask.

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What is iPlemo?

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Why iPlemo?

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