N95 Respirators vs N99 Face Masks

Face masks have become a necessity in our daily lives nowadays, especially with the contagion of coronavirus. Many people are seen wearing different masks while walking outside of their houses for protection.

While people are commonly wearing surgical face masks, medical experts, on the other hand, are required to wear more reliable and long-lasting ones - the N95 and N99 face masks.

In this article, we will be discussing the differences between the two famous face masks during the coronavirus contagion:

N95 Air Masks

N95 air masks, unlike a common surgical mask, fits perfectly on your face. It has a capacity of filtering out as much as 95% of airborne pollen in your surroundings. This means the mask can filter polluted air in the surroundings. Inhaling polluted air is dangerous since it can cause health problems such as headaches and irritations in your eyes, nose, and skin.

N95 masks can also filter and block particles as small as .075 in diameter. Aside from being good infiltration, N95 is also reusable which can be used for 72 hours.

This is an idea for a medical worker who is in constant work with COVID-19 cases. All front-liners such as a nurse, doctors, scientists, and researchers are recommended to use N95 air masks for comprehensive protection from the contagion.


Unlike N95, N99 offers more hours of use. It can be used for 15 days which makes it more suitable for long-term medical workers who are in constant and long exposure with COVID-19 cases.

Its filtration capacity is as much as 99%. This is way higher compared to N95’s 95% filtration level. N99 contains a vale for exhalation which offers great comfort for the wearer to breathe. It also has straps that can be adjusted to achieve more comfort and fit for the wearer. Its design is made of plastic. This allows you to wash and clean the mask for future use.

N99 is much more comfortable and long-lasting compared to N99. Although it is offered at a more expensive price than N95, N99 gives a quality and great filtration and comfort level for the wearer.

Which Type of Face Mask You Should Wear?

If you are planning on going out yet you do not know which particular mask should you wear, there are a few things that you need to know:

  • Masks will not save you from coronavirus. It is only prevention, but it is not a 100% guarantee that you will be spare form the spread of the contagion.
  • Masks are worn by sick people. If you are a regular person who is not sick or do not have any COVID-19 symptoms such as fever and cough, you do not need to wear masks. Masks are designed for sick people to avoid the spread of the virus and the disease.
  • Masks are used by medical experts. Medical experts are the front liners who are in constant contact with COVID-19 patients. They are, therefore, at high risk of getting infected. Therefore, these medical experts are in dire need of these masks to protect themselves from any form of infection.

Disposable Face Masks

If you are a typical person with no symptoms of coronavirus or any disease, you are only required to wear a disposable surgical face mask. This is the common thing that you see worn by people in public. You have to remember that N95 and N99 face masks are not for public use. They are highly recommended for the use of medical experts who are in a vulnerable condition of getting infected with the disease.

iPlemo Disposable Face Masks

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  • Its particle filtration efficiency and bacterial filtration efficiency is as high as 98%. This means almost all bacteria and particles are filtered and blocked out by an iPlemo face mask.
  • 3-layer protection. iPlemo face masks are made of 3 layers. The middle layer serves as protection which isolates the unwanted particles from entering the third layer. With this, you are assured that the air you are breathing is healthy and of great quality.
  • Friendly for sensitive skin. All iPlemo products are friendly and suited for sensitive skin. Wearing the mask for quite a time will not cause any irritation on your face.

In case you are still wondering what face mask to buy for you and your loved ones, iPlemo a top-quality! It offers you both comfort and quality, assuring you that iPlemo takes your health and protection seriously. With iplemo, you are assured of inhaling nothing but healthy air with zero % entry of any virus and bacteria.