3M Surgical Face Mask: The P95 Face Mask

With the uprising contagion of coronavirus worldwide, the varieties of face masks have increased in the market. What most people know is just the surgical face mask, N95, and N99 face masks that are used to protect ourselves from the contagion. Apart from the three masks that were mentioned, there is another type of face mask that is also used as a protective gear to protect ourselves from coronavirus. This is the P95 face mask. In this article, we will discuss what it is and how it is used.

P95 Face Masks

If you are one who works in an environment with particles that are considered to be oil-based, you are highly required to use a P95 face mask. It has a filtration capacity of 95%. Its ability to filter includes both oil and non-oil based particles.

How it works

P95 air mask is said to be highly resistant to oil. Other oil-resistant masks only last for 8 hours, but P95 lasts for 40 hours. Most people who make use of this mask are those who work in pharmacies and petrochemical industries. This means that P95 works best in an environment that is moist and is in high exposure to oil.

Will P95 protect you from coronavirus?

Yes, all masks are designed for protective measures. And yes, P95 will protect you from coronavirus. However, you have to realize that a mask that you wear should be adaptive to your environment. You should also consider the price of the types of masks that are offered in the market.

iPlemo face masks

Why buy an expensive mask when you can protect yourself from coronavirus by having a simple and affordable mask? iPlemo offers you high-quality face masks that are designed to help you fight coronavirus and other forms of airborne particles.

  • 3-layer protection - iPlemo face masks are made of the standard 3 layers of protection. The middle part traps and blocks out particles, bacteria, and viruses from entering your system.
  • 98% filtration level - Its filtration level is as high as 98%. This assures you of the quality of air that you breathe when wearing iPlemo face mask
  • Suited for sensitive skin - If you are suffering from skin rashes and itchiness when wearing a face mask, iPlemo solves that problem. Its fabric as non-woven and is very soft that is suited for any type of skin.

With iPlemo, you are assured that you are breathing clean air while achieving optimum comfort.