The Black Surgical Face Mask

The world is facing a great adversary nowadays due to the pandemic coronavirus which has claimed the lives of more than 7,000 worldwide. People are extending their protective measures to stay away and not get infected with the killer coronavirus. One way of protection we practice is the wearing of a surgical face mask. In this article, we will be discussing the different types of face mask with an emphasis on the black surgical face mask.

Why do you need a surgical face mask?

With the issue of pandemic coronavirus, a surgical face mask has become a necessity for almost all people. Wherever you go, you can see people wearing them. But why do we need a surgical face mask?

  • Help contain the virus. When you are sick and you possess the COVID-19 symptoms like cough and fever, wearing the face mask helps contain the virus. That means you are stopping the spread of the virus from the people around you.
  • Filters polluted air. The face mask can filter polluted air. If you are wearing one, that means the air you are breathing is free from any forms of polluted particle.

What are the types of face masks?

There are so many types of face masks. However, with the outbreak of coronavirus nowadays, here are the 3 most common face mask that you could use:

  1. Surgical face mask. A surgical face mask is the most common type which is worn by the public. It is worn by the face with a comfortable loose on its edges.
  1. N95 respirators. This is a type of face mask that has a perfect fit around the mouth. It filters almost 95% of the small particles in the air. This face mask is not for public use since only medical front-liners such as nurses and doctors are advised to use this mask.
  1. Black surgical face mask. The black surgical face mask is the same as the ordinary surgical face mask. It is also worn with some loose parts on the edges of the mouth. As the name suggests, it is colored black due to its charcoal activated elements.

iPlemo’s Black Surgical Face Mask

If you want to stand out in a crowd while wearing a surgical face mask, wear a black one! iPlemo offers a fashionable, trendy, and healthy black surgical mask at a very affordable price! Here are the key features of iPlemo’s black surgical mask:

  • Charcoal activated. This is its main key feature. With its charcoal activation, you are assured of your protection from the coronavirus or any viruses or airborne pollen near you.
  • 3-layer protection. Just like any surgical face mask, the black surgical face mask also has the standard 3-layer protection.
  • Trendy and hygienic. With the black surgical mask, offers a very trendy and edgy look compared to your ordinary surgical face mask. Its black color does not only protect you from any viruses, but it also makes you stand out in the middle of the crowd

With the continuing increase of death tolls due to COVID 19, we must always make sure that our health is on top of everything else. Wearing a surgical mask is one of the best ways of protecting and keeping ourselves from the deadly disease. If you want double or even triple protection from the deadly virus, iPlemo’s black surgical mask is your solution!