Face Shields & Face Masks

With the outbreak of coronavirus all around the world, people are getting informed and educated on how to prevent the spread of the deadly disease. Apart from the constant and proper washing of hands, another way to prevent the infection is through wearing face masks. People all over the world are now informed that wearing a simple face mask is a great help in not getting the infection of coronavirus.

Do you need a face shield?

With our enemy being invisible we, all, definitely need a face shield to protect ourselves from coronavirus. A medical face shield is worn by medical experts who are in the front row of treating the covid-19 patients. While the public is not advised to wear a medical face shield, some are still seen wearing it in places with many crowds such as airports. However, people should not be in a panic since an alternative that we could wear is a face mask. A face shield is for the nurses and doctors who have direct contact with covid-19 patients. While the common people can simply wear a face mask as a protective gear.

When Do You Need to Wear a Medical Face Shield?

A face shield is a protective gear worn by mostly medical people such as nurses and doctors who are treating a virus-infected patient. This protective gear is worn to cover and protect the eyes, the mouth, and the nose. It is made of transparent cover which is resistant from fogs and moist. This is usually found in hospitals used by nurses, doctors, dentists, and researchers.

Medical Face Shields

With our continuing battle against coronavirus, having a medical face shield is one effective preventive measure. Our medical experts are the front-liners in this battle and they deserve to get the best protection there is. Medical face shields offer that best protection. Unlike a face mask, medical face shields are in good provision for the protection of the top, side, and front sides of the face. Its clear plastic covering the face also gives 100% protection from any splattering of any fluid such as blood, saliva or any droplet.